Why I no longer do weigh-ins.

A number on the scale does not tell you if you are ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’.

A few years ago, I made the decision to move from being a weight loss focused business to one that focuses on overall health and well-being of each individual.

Enough was enough. Putting pressure on mums to hit a ‘goal weight’ by adding more stress did not sit well with me anymore. In fact, it never did, I only did it because everyone else was doing it.

We mums are already putting a lot of pressure on ourselves and often bite off more than we can chew. Kids activities, work, keeping a tidy house and consistently trying to please the people around us, it’s no wonder we are overwhelmed, overworked and overtired.

The last thing we need is more strenuous exercise, controlled eating, more pressure and stress to ‘look’ a certain way.

It’s not your fault though, everywhere we look are told we need to ‘slim’ down. I can’t recall how many weight loss ads I’ve seen in the last month, I’m starting to think I’m fat (which is ridiculous by the way and they have ways of making you feel this way).

What is your actual ‘weight’ made up of anyway?

When you weigh yourself, it is easy to think all you are weighing is fat. It is important to remind yourself that this is wrong. Our weight is made up of more than just body fat, there is also, simply put, muscle, organs, water and bones. Percentages of each vary from person to person and simply saying ‘I weigh x’ doesn’t really determine if you are healthy or unhealthy. Same goes for looking at someone.

Going back in my past, when I (gulp) used make women step on the scales, I saw women feel ashamed, deflated and depressed when the scales didn’t tip the right way because of an expectation they had. They saw themselves as failures, not good enough and less worthy.

This tore my heart out. They had completely forgotten all the other amazing progress they had made such as:

  • their improved squat technique

  • how many push ups they could do

  • their increased core strength

  • improved eating habits

  • a more positive mindset

  • consistency with coming to bootcamp

I remember that I’m in the business of helping women feel good about themselves and what their bodies can do!

So I did something that felt like business suicide. I threw it all out. No more weigh ins, no more before and after photos, no more measurements. I had to also stop all the diet talk, encourage women to stop the negative self-talk and not give attention to how we look or how much we weighed.

I must say, it hasn’t been easy to go against the grain but I was done with being seen as a weight loss business and wanted to create a new path.

What I am loving now though is that I help women create healthier habits and work on changing our focus to fitness and health. We work on building a positive mindset, moving our bodies so we feel fit, fierce and fabulous and just do our best.

My members have said this change has been ‘refreshing’ and they are enjoying our classes so much more. They feel like they are WINNING at life and are happy that they don’t have to achieve some unrealistic number that’s been plucked out of the sky and deemed as ‘healthy’.

So you can see that weighing yourself does nothing for your well-being and can fuel self-sabotage, shame and guilt. My suggestion to you is to get rid of the scales and look for other ways to measure your success. Start by taking steps to make small changes to better your health.

Get in an extra hour of sleep, manage your stress but taking time out to smell the roses, improve daily habits with the focus on moving your body, eating for nourishment and feeling great about taking care of you.

How do we measure that? Measure consistency, measure how you feel everyday, measure your strength/fitness/endurance. Measure the level of stress you are experiencing and see if you can bring it down.

Remember, letting go of the weight loss mindset is not easy, be patient with yourself, it will take time. I know as a mum, you already have so much on your plate.

The I Want Fitness Well-being Check-in helps you reflect on how you are going with your daily habits. It’s a self-assessment tool that highlights areas in your daily activities that may not be serving your overall health.

To get the Well-being Check-in, click on this link.

I’d love to hear from you and happy to help where I can. 