When to sack your Personal Trainer.

Have you ever been told off by a Personal Trainer for not showing up to bootcamp? What about being made to feel guilty or shame for eating “bad food”, especially during a challenge or fitness program? Does your Personal Trainer have a ‘no excuses’ attitude and doesn’t understand that sometimes things happen that are out of your control?

It can be very frustrating when you are made to feel like YOU are always stuffing up, doing the wrong thing, you’re not good enough. You feel miserable, useless, shame. I don’t need to pay someone to make me feel like that!

I recall a young Personal Trainer yelling at a bunch of us mother’s while stretching after a session one day. We were made to feel like we were bad mother’s because she found a muesli bar wrapper where we worked out. She was expressing her disapproval of mother’s buying this ‘processed crap’ for our kids and we should be sourcing organic ingredients and making our own.

If you are a mother and you are reading this, you understand how ridiculous this expectation is don’t you? You are already trying to manage a household, part time work, being a taxi driver, cleaner, teacher, mediator, cook, financial controller and the list goes on. Now you have to add clean eating to the list! Like we need extra pressure on our already stressful lives. Sigh.

Being a mother myself and now training other mums, I don’t make crazy demands on my members to do things a certain way. I get that it’s hard to find time for ourselves in a life of chaos, I’ve lived it myself. I understand when things happen that are out of our control.

I have supported mothers who have gone through separations, cancer, death in the family, sick kids, injuries, pregnancies, IVF treatments and more. I don’t make judgements about people or what they are going through, everyone is on their own journey and have personal things going on in their lives that we may not know about.

I see my role as your Personal Trainer, is to help you work through the barriers that come up for you in your daily life, things that you can control like the choices you make around nutrition and exercise. My programs like Rock That Dress do not demand you to cook, eat or train a certain way as we are all at different stages in our lives.

I aim to empower you by doing what works for you and what fits into your life while still getting the results you want. Our programs release you of a detrimental mindset that the weight loss industry has pushed on us and here, at I Want Fitness, we allow you to be human. Why would I want to belittle my member when they are already trying their best?

Incase you didn’t know, all PT’s are not the same. If your PT makes you feel miserable about your efforts, then maybe it’s time to move on.

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At I Want Fitness, we choose to align with Body Beyond Baby and their mission to ensure every woman is safely and effectively looked after within the Fitness Industry once they become a mother.

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