The scales not moving? Try what Rina did!

Rina had just signed up at the gym but couldn’t get close friends to go with her as they were already members at I Want Fitness. So she decided to give bootcamp a go. She did well, smashing the boxing session with great focus and determination as I gave her tips on improving her technique.

From then on Rina was on board, giving 100% at every session. After having always chased a weight loss dream of wanting to be skinnier without much success, it wasn’t until she started at I Want Fitness that she realised her focus was all wrong. “I was really just focused on the exercise.”

Just recently, I Want Fitness launched it’s first 28 Day Transformation Kick-Start and Rina signed up to get that extra encouragement and guidance she was looking for. Instead of a weight loss goal, she decided to try and get back into a pair of black velour trousers that were her pre pregnancy favourites nearly 7 years ago.

That's when things really started shifted for her. During the nutrition webinar with Dietitian Melinda Braithwaite from Lifestyle Nutrition, Rina realised she was eating foods high in sugar and fat and finding that she was still hungry. "I just wasn’t eating enough!”

With what Rina had learnt about mindset and nutrition, she made changes in those areas and started noticing improvements in how she felt. “My change in food has given me more energy and I feel good about myself, inside and out”.


Many members are inspired by Rina as she pushes herself at bootcamp, shares many photos of healthy meals and by posting her small wins in the Facebook group. “The scales haven’t moved but 2.5 weeks ago I couldn’t even get the pants to button and now although still too tight, they button up!”

After a night out with hubby and friends, Rina indulged in what she says was too many beers and then felt bad for a little in the morning before changing her view on it. ‘What I have learnt from Isabella is that you shouldn’t feel guilty about living and having a night off. As long as you are back on track the next day.”

On the final day of the 28 Day Transformation Kick-Start, Rina posted her amazing result of being able to zip up the pre pregnancy pants, encouraging others to use clothes as a guide rather than the scales. “As someone who used to go just by what the scales said, this has totally proved me wrong. This is a huge step for me”.

Rina now has a new pair of pants she wants to fit into. “I have honestly never felt better, sexier and more energetic than I have before.”

Rina is our winner of the 28 Day Transformation Kick-start based on attendance, attitude and encouragement of others.

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At I Want Fitness, we choose to align with Body Beyond Baby and their mission to ensure every woman is safely and effectively looked after within the Fitness Industry once they become a mother.

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