7 Tips on Surviving Easter

Easter really is a special time when family and friends come together and celebrate with special meals and gifts of chocolate eggs.

Sometimes the amount of chocolate that ends up in your home can be astronomical. It’s easy to mindlessly consume more than we intend to because it’s there in front of us and then afterwards we feel guilty and notice our clothes start to feel a bit tighter than before.

I Want Fitness Trainers Isabella, Lexi and Lisa give their tips on surviving Easter:

Isabella's Tips

1. Continue eating well

Keep eating nutritious and nourishing breakfasts, lunches and dinners and you are less likely to overeat when you have some chocolate. Still enjoy your healthy snacks, maybe before you have your chocolate treat.

2. Keep moving

You don't want to eat food that is high in sugar and then not burn anything off. Get outside and go for a brisk walk, do a 30 minute workout or go for a bike ride. Do a little bit more than usual, just getting outside and staying active will make you want to keep eating better.

3. Read the label

Have a look at the sugar content of what you are about to eat. Remember this fact - 4 grams is 1 teaspoon of sugar. A small chocolate Easter egg will contain just over 2 teaspoons of sugar. Would you normally just sit there and eat 2 teaspoons of sugar on it’s own?

Lexi's Tips

4. Choose dark chocolate quality eggs

Dark chocolate is very high in antioxidants, is half the sugar content than milk chocolate and a great source of iron. So if you are going to have some, which we all know we will, choose dark chocolate. The higher the cocoa level the better and trust me, you won't be able to eat as much.

5. Don't buy your chocolate too early

Don't fall into the trap of buying those little packets of small chocolate eggs while doing your weekly or daily shops (Caramello is my weakness!). Let's be honest, they'll be gone well before Easter Sunday! so leave your chocolate purchasing as close to Easter weekend as you can and have an egg as your dessert.

Lisa's Tips

6. Enjoy your time

Choose to spend your valuable time with those who make you feel good! I cannot emphasise this enough. Release yourself from obligation - it is extremely liberating. No more "shoulds" or "have too's". Quite simply - if it doesn't make you feel good, do not do it!

7.Don't feel guilty

Easter is notorious for overindulging. Again, do what makes you feel good. If you really want something, do not deny yourself. Have it, enjoy it and do not feel guilty about it. If, however you don't enjoy it as much as you thought you would, you can make a better choice next time.

The I Want Fitness team wishes you all a wonderful Easter.

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