What have you done for you lately?

The importance of putting yourself on the list.

Living a busy life is something most of us have become accustomed to. When being pulled in many different directions and trying to please everyone around us, it is easy to put our own needs last, and often, fail to meet them altogether.

When life is frantic it is more important than ever to “put yourself on the list”. You don’t

always have to be at the top of the list, as long as you are on it!

When I had my children, I believed I was being a good mother by putting everyone else’s needs above my own. I sincerely wanted to do it and I loved my little family so much, yet over time I was feeling unfulfilled and burnt out.

When my second child was 9 months old I was exhausted, physically, emotionally and mentally. I really needed to do something for myself. I decided to join the gym and I never looked back.

Working out became a daily occurrence for me. It helped me manage stress, process my thoughts and feelings and release lots of feel good endorphins.

I started to realise that nothing grows in the desert and I needed to start looking after myself

too if I wanted to be a good mum. A good mum is a happy one.

Coincidentally, by investing in myself I had so much more to give those around me.

My top 5 tips for putting yourself on the list:

1. Make a list of what you need to do each day and prioritise accordingly.

Do the most important jobs first. You will not always tick everything off your list and that is ok, there is always tomorrow. Be kind to yourself when you don’t achieve everything you intended to.

2. Commit to putting yourself on the list.

It doesn’t always need to be a 1 hour workout. It could be a walk in the sunshine, a quiet cup of tea, a nap or a bubble bath. Prioritise this quiet time each day because it really is important.

Even 5 minutes, but something for you. On busy days when the time passes before you know it (let this be the exception, not the rule) I love nothing more than a guided meditation whilst I drift off to sleep.

3. Turn off or silence the unnecessary noise in your life.

It distracts you from connecting to yourself, your thoughts and feelings.

You need to process these thoughts and feelings in order to connect with yourself, who you truly are and what you need or want. Our thoughts and feelings matter, more than we realise as they are directly connected to our reality.

Turn the TV or radio off, put the electronics away, reply to that text message or phone call later if you are in the middle of something.

It’s a difficult concept initially but you get better at meeting your own needs first the more you practice.

4. Be present in the moment.

There is something to be grateful for no matter what you are doing.

5. Start doing more of what makes you feel good.

Yes, the dishes need to be done every day but make time for whatever lights you up too.

So make the choice to put yourself on the list today and every day, because no-one else can do it for you and you are most definitely worth it.

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