The I Want Fitness Difference

Member Jess writes: 'Isabella's bootcamp is so much more than just a bootcamp, it's a community of ladies who encourage and support each other to achieve their goals. Headed up by the most supportive trainer I've had, it is a great environment to train in. Isabella's support extends beyond training sessions with the Facebook group, weekly newsletters, social evenings and demonstrations. I love going to bootcamp and feeling fitter, stronger and healthier!!'

Enjoy the journey of exercise as much as the benefits!

Here is why you should choose I Want Fitness:

Workouts are never the same!

Keep the body guessing with a variety of exercise sessions that keep you from being bored and will get you the best RESULTS! We are always mixing it up with Boxing, Circuits, HIIT, Tabata and more that will shape and tone your body, shift the fat and leaves you feeling energised. No matter the weather, our sessions are indoors so you can get your workout in all year round.

Fun and social!

Stay motivated and have fun in the sessions, get into the funky music that is pumping in the background. It’s a great atmosphere and we are all in it together, working on getting in great shape. Time flies when you are having fun so we often enjoy social dinners, climbing the 1000 steps together or just to grab a coffee after the session.

Anyone can do it!

Exercises can be modified for your fitness level and you’ll never be holding up the group. Our trainers will continue to challenge you as you get fitter and stronger. We ensure you perform each exercise with correct technique keeping you safe and to help you get the best results. Learn how to squat properly to tone up that booty!

Be supported and inspired!

You will get a positive personal experience here at I Want Fitness. You are welcomed on arrival, get taken through a warm up and then get into the workout. No yelling or bringing you down, you are encouraged to do your best. Weekly newsletters and regular workshops inspire you to keep improving your wellbeing with recipes and loads of health tips.

Firm and Tone at Pilates!

Tone your abs and butt muscles without the intensity of bootcamp in the Pilates classes. Health benefits are amazing with clients experiencing no more back pain or pelvic girdle pain from a stronger core, improved sleep and feeling relaxed after the sessions.

Get Lean, feel great!

I Want Fitness members have been boasting their amazing results on social media. Our vigorous bootcamp sessions are designed to maximise your results and have you fitting into your favourite dress in no time. Work towards your dream goal using our health and nutrition guidance and fitness trackers. Start feeling energised and fabulous again.

Finally find time to exercise!

With 12 sessions run each week, there will be session time that will fit into even the busiest schedule. You will get what you need from our intense 45 minutes bootcamps and Pilates sessions. Can’t find a babysitter? Bring your little one to the session after school drop off. For those early birds, get your workout out of the way at the 6am sessions before the day starts. Evening sessions are great for those who want to head out after hubby comes home and the kids have gone to bed.

When you choose I Want Fitness, you are choosing to make changes for life!

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