5 Fitness Myths BUSTED!

You may have heard fitness statements such as ‘No pain, no gain’ or ‘Lifting weights make you bulky’. The fitness industry is full of ‘motivational’ messages and memes. But let’s stick to the truth, separate the fact from the fiction.

Here are 5 fitness myths BUSTED:

1. Sit ups will give you flat abs

When done correctly, sit ups will strengthen core muscles but they won’t flatten your tummy.

Consider improving your diet by eating more protein and vegetables and less processed foods and sugar laden drinks before smashing out 100 sit ups a day and you will see start seeing some results here.

2. I can have a treat because I worked out

Thinking that you can have that whole block of chocolate or scoffing down takeaway meals everyday because you worked out is just cancelling out all of your efforts.

Consistently eating well will compliment your hard work, give you more energy and get you results a lot sooner. If you want some chocolate, have a little because you feel like it, not because you ‘deserve’ it.

3. No Pain, No Gain

It is important that you know the difference between pain associated with muscle soreness and pain associated with an injury.

Pain associated with an injury, like an achy feeling or a sharp pain, even at rest, means that it can worsen with continued activity. Seek advice if this happens as the injury could get worse. It may be your technique or an underlying problem that needs professional attention.

Also trust that any type of movement is beneficial, gentle exercise like yoga and going for a walk can be just as rewarding as strenuous workout sessions.

4. Lifting weights will make you look bulky

Lifting weights will not turn you into a female version of Arnie Schwarzenegger. Women don’t have as much testosterone, so unless you’re doing long term high intensity weights and on a strict diet, it’s impossible to ‘bulk up.’

What lifting will do is tone and shape your body. And the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism. Weight training will give you strength, energy and and a massive amount of confidence. (Goodbye tuck shop lady arms!)

5. It wasn’t a good workout because I’m not sore

You may have experienced muscle soreness after a new workout session, also known as DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness). DOMS is an inflammatory response to muscle nicks and tears from a workout and generally presents itself 48 to 72 hours after exercise.

Once you have been working out for some time, the severity of DOMS decreases however it doesn’t mean you didn’t push yourself enough or the workout was ineffective. You are still gaining strength and muscle.

Measure your progress through fitness testing and how close you are getting to your goal rather than how much pain you are in after your workout.

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