Tired of being tired? Get more Energised Today!

Is your lack of energy bringing you down? You can’t focus or lift a finger because you are just too exhausted?

We feel that we are constantly on the go but can’t muster up enough energy to go for a walk, exercise or play with the kids.

Just like a car needs petrol, we need to fuel up to keep going, and by that I don’t mean 5 coffees by lunchtime!

We want to maintain a level of energy that doesn’t fluctuate too much.

Consider the following natural ways to fuel up on some long lasting energy today!

Fuel up with nutrient dense food

A coffee and toast for breakfast just ain’t going to do it. Take a good look at your food choices and see where you can add some protein, veggies and carbs at each meal to keep you energised all day. Avoid skipping meals or you will definitely plummet to low energy status.

Fuel up with some decent shut eye

Staying up past midnight will have you walking around like a zombie the next day. I know I just can’t function properly if I’m dog-tired! Get an early night, it is recommended by the Sleep Health Foundation that an adult needs between 7-9 hours sleep.

Fuel up on Light

Exposure to light when you wake up will tell your internal body clock that it’s time to get moving! If it’s sunny outside, open the curtains and let the light shine through. If it’s dark, turn on the lights to mimic daylight and start your day more energised.

Fuel up on H2O

70% of our bodies are made up with water, without it, a human will usually live for around 3 days. Being dehydrated can be the cause of energy zapping debilitating migraines, loss of focus, low mood and feeling fatigued.

Guzzle down some water and you might be surprised when it relieves some of those symptoms so you can put your energy to better use. It is recommended by the Better Health Victoria to drink approx 2 litres of water each day.

Fuel up on R&R

Stress can take up a lot of your energy. Worrying and running on adrenalin will eventually have you hitting a wall. Rest and relaxation is necessary to restore the body’s energy and help fight off disease. Learn to breathe deeply into your lungs, take 5 minutes to sit quietly, sip a herbal tea or read a book.

Fuel up with Exercise

Sitting for prolonged periods of time zaps the body of energy. The body needs oxygen to create energy. Exercise gets oxygen flowing through the body through increased blood flow and we feel more ‘energised’! Endorphins, which are ‘feel good’ hormones, are also released when we exercise putting us in a great mood and giving us more energy. I want some of that!

It wouldn’t surprise me if you knew some of these tips. Often we know what to do but we just don’t do it. Realise that what we do everyday impacts our long term health.

Consistent daily actions to nurture our body will lead to consistent good health and energy. What can you start doing today and everyday that will support the health of your future self?

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