10 Time-Saving Kitchen Tips

With our busy lives as super women, we want to spend more time with our family and less time preparing meals.

Instead of the quick takeaway fix which leave us feeling guilty, try some of these time-saving kitchen tips that will have you dishing up healthy nutritious meals in no time.

1. Cook in bulk - making extra so you can feed twice (or thrice) is a clever way to save time. Double up your dinner so you can have some for lunch the next day, make extra sauce, soup or casserole to freeze for the ‘I can’t be bothered to cook’ nights.

2. Use leftovers - leftovers can be made into a different meal the next day eg: Roast beef becomes roast beef wraps, plain rice becomes fried rice, roast chicken can be used in a pasta bake.

3. Have a back up - If you are mum’s taxi all afternoon driving the kids around, work out some back up meals you can whip up quickly on these nights. You might use one of those freezer meals you prepared earlier or find a quick recipe using canned tuna that will have dinner on the table in 15 minutes.

4. Keep it simple - leave the new recipe or fiddly masterpiece for the weekend. Keep it simple during the week. Choose meals that are quick to prepare. When time is really not on your side, make bacon and eggs with veggies and sweet potato chips, stir fry using frozen veggies or pita bread pizzas.

5. Get organised - work out what’s on every day and plan meals according to how much time you have to prepare them. Once you know what’s cooking tomorrow night you can take out frozen meat to defrost in the fridge overnight ready to make dinner. Download a weekly meal planner here to help plan your week with a shopping list.

6. Stock up - there’s nothing worse than not having the staples in the pantry or freezer when you are in the middle of making dinner. Stock up on rice, dried pasta, stock, tomato paste, canned tuna and diced tomato and frozen vegetables.

7. Weekend bake - set yourself up for the week ahead by spending a couple of hours in the kitchen after your grocery shop. Make soup, a casserole, slices and maybe a salad. Do it to your favourite music. Make it fun. Get the kids to help chop up veggies and read out the ingredients or method.

8. Cut cooking time - cut vegetables and meat in smaller pieces so it cooks faster. A food processor and other nifty kitchen tools like graters, blenders, one good sharp knife, can help with cutting and chopping.

9. Freeze individual portions - snacks like banana bread and mini egg quiches can be frozen individually in snap-lock bags. Smoothie ingredients can be portioned into individual bags and frozen to save time making that quick grab and run breakfast.

10. Slow cook heaven - for those super busy days, make dinner in the morning in your slow cooker and let it cook all day. Add spices and herbs for flavour. Not only will your house smell amazing, you will have dinner on your plate on time and you’ve barely lifted a finger except to stir.

See if you can adopt a few of these tips into your daily life to save you time in the kitchen so you can enjoy quick, easy, nutritious meals more often. I would love to hear your tips, email me at isabella@iwantfitness.com.au.