Dirt Girls Dig Deep

Twice a year I organise an event at The Compound, an Obstacle Course Training ground for my bootcampers to attend.

We aren’t training for Tough Mudder or Miss Muddy, we aren’t training to compete in anything in particular. This event is more about facing fears and personal achievement and is open to everyone at any fitness level.

There is plenty of support and encouragement from each other and also from owners Clem and Allyson, who are there with you every step of the way giving you tips on how to get over certain obstacles.

On Sunday a group of I Want Fitness chicks made their way down there ready to take on this challenge. We were privileged to get a glorious sunny day which was previously forecast as rainy and thunderstorms.

There was discussion amongst the group at the beginning of the course that we were going to stick together this time. In previous visits, everyone had gone at their own pace and tackled the course with another of the same fitness level.

This time, we were going to help each other over the obstacles with whatever mental or physical blocks they had and that is what happened.

Tracy, who has been 3 times now, made a decision to hang back with the group, ‘I got a lot more out of the experience on Sunday than I had previously.

It was fun and interesting to complete the course as a group. I loved watching how the others tackled the obstacles (and their inner doubts) - it gave me a new perspective on the course as a whole as well as my own abilities’.

It was wonderful to see such camaraderie, that we had each other’s back, that we felt like we could achieve anything. What I noticed was that everyone had different strengths on different obstacles so we didn’t feel like one was better than another. We were united.

Karen, who told me she couldn’t jump over a wall right before she did it, says this about her experience: ‘It was an amazing experience. I did things that I have never done before nor did I think my body could even achieve such things. The cuts, bruises and the pain are well worth the feeling of achievement I feel’.

It was a first time for Jo, another bootcamper who had doubts in herself like most do when presented with the course; ‘I didn’t think I could make it through the course when I first saw it but with lots of encouragement from everyone, I made it all the way. Plenty of battle wounds to prove it. Will be there stronger and fitter next time around’.

The Compound has been a life changing experience for all who attempt it, thanks to the great work of Clem and Allyson, having created such an amazing place and providing such great service.

We will be back for more climbing and crawling, muddy socks and shoes and overcoming more fear and doubts next time!

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