Slow and steady wins the race...

An I Want Fitness Success Story.

When Maggie Game joined I Want Fitness bootcamp a year and a half ago, she used to walk in with her shoulders slumped, looking a little lost.

“You could see she was unhappy in her own skin. And she admits she was pretty scared when she started because she’d never done any real exercise,” says her PT Isabella Van Zuylen.

These days, the mother of two stands upright, often smiling and joking, with a cheeky twinkle in her sky blue eyes.

She’s lost 25.5cms from her measurements, 6kgs on the scales, and you can see it not only in her slimmer body shape, but also in her confidence.

She’s fitter than she’s ever been, and admits it was a real surprise to get her ‘mojo’ back through group exercise.

“I never thought I would see the day when I said I enjoyed exercising – but I really enjoy the exhilaration of bootcamp, and the calmness of Pilates."

Maggie says the main thing she’s learnt through Isabella is that nothing happens fast.

“I’ve done plenty of crash diets before – never been sustainable – and had a few goes at going walking. But I always ended up giving up because I didn’t see results straight away.”

Through bootcamp, she focused her goals on fitness, rather than trying to drop a dress size.

“Because the focus is different and the goals are attainable, I’m not getting bored and frustrated like I normally would. Isabella helped me set goals for each term and little by little, through small changes to diet, sleep and exercise I have seen the centimetres start dropping off.”

Maggie quit adding sugar to her coffee and has swapped sweet biscuits for nuts and dried fruit. “It took a couple of weeks to get used to and now I actually cringe if I accidentally drink my husband’s sugary tea!”

She avoids soft drink during the week, is adding extra serves of veggies to her meals (eg spinach and an egg in a muffin for brekky) and drinks two of her water bottles at work.

“Each one is just a really small change and if I only do one or two small changes at a time it’s not overwhelming and it just becomes what I do now.”

Maggie says she still needs to get to bed earlier as when she’s tired she craves sugar and isn’t motivated to exercise. “But since my cousin started coming with me, we text every week and if one of us is feeling a bit lazy the other one will perk up and make the other one go.”

Maggie admits she’s still on her journey, but it feels good to be getting stronger and to shift some weight. “I may be a little bit of a tortoise – slow and steady – but I do feel like I am making progress which is what keeps me coming back.”

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