Is Sleep The Key to Weight Loss?

Doing the exercise and changing your food habits?

Could the lack of sleep actually be hindering all your efforts?

Not getting enough quality rest time can actually stop us from losing weight.

The daily cycle of sunrise and sunset triggers the release of hormones that control energy, appetite, and mood and if we ignore nature’s cues, we can suffer fatigue and weight gain.

Julie Rennie, author of The Metabolic Clock, says that we need to understand that our metabolism is linked to our body clock.

From 6pm to 10pm, it’s important to wind down but not to do that by bingeing on carb-heavy food.

“Your metabolism naturally slows down at sunset so eat an early evening meal of protein and vegetables that build and repair foods. By minimizing your carbohydrates at this time, you won’t store them as body fat while you sleep.”

Ha, so no chips in front of the TV means no fat sneaking onto the hips. Early to bed ladies, but don’t do it with the iPad or you’ll be sucked into YouTube’s vortex of funny cat videos.

The amount of sleep matters for your body - for its ability to regenerate and the impact on our shape. Research shows getting 7-8 hours of sleep can reduce weight gain.

A study on women’s sleep habits showed that females who slept less than six hours night were more likely to gain 5 kilograms, than those who were getting seven hours of zzzs.

The science behind the sleep and weight connection revolves around the hunger hormones – ghrelin and leptin. Lack of sleep leads to greater hunger and appetite, and also makes it harder for the body to lose fat.

Which is fancy speak for if you’re not sleeping enough, you’re going to crave crappy food and any weight you gain will be hard to shift. Less sleep equals stubborn fat.

In the University of Chicago’s study of overweight middle-aged adults who had their food and sleep restricted, the study revealed that those on less sleep had reduced loss of body fat and increased loss of lean muscle.

All that research reaches one resounding conclusion: if you don’t snooze, you don’t lose WEIGHT, especially fat.

Nutrition and fitness are important for health, but getting your sleep right is just as critical in achieving a healthy weight.

So tuck in with your Kindle, or your Chillax playlist on Spotify, and float off to dreamland so that you can shift that stubborn weight, and wake up feeling fresh, energized - ready to nourish your body with a big breakfast when your metabolism is most active.

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