Bootcamp? NO WAY! I'm not doing that!

You’ve tried the gym. It started off well but then it got boring, and now you hardly ever go. (How much money did you waste? Better not to think about it.)

You tried walking. With the dog. And then with a friend. But there’s only so many times you can go around the block without feeling de ja vu.

It's actually not giving you the results that you want.

How to get fitter, leaner and stronger with something you can stick at? Your BFF (best fit friend) reckons bootcamp. Instantly, the barriers go up.

‘“No Way! I’m not doing that!’

Trainers yelling at you. Sweaty, grunting gym junkies throwing tyres around the room. Doing push ups in the pouring rain. Gruelling workouts that make you want to vomit. Forget that.

Your BFF says that’s bollocks. Bootcamp isn’t like that. So, you humour her and decide to try a session to see if she’s lying.

It's the day of your first session

You start to feel quite anxious and wonder what on earth have you gotten yourself into. You take some deep breaths and get into your active wear and new runners. You secretly wish your friend forgets to pick you up but then she’s at the door with a cheeky smile.

As you walk in, your heart pounding in your chest, the ladies start to gather and you start to relax. They’re average women, just like you.

You see tyres, a rope, some kettlebells, a big music speaker, and before you have the chance to get nervous again, the trainer greets you with a smile and makes you feel welcome.

From that point on you are encouraged to do your best, to push through and ignore the internal voice saying ‘I can’t do this’.

As long as you keep moving and do the best you can, you’re able to keep up. Every exercise has a beginner and advanced level.

Your trainer helps you master the technique so you don’t injure yourself. Suddenly you’re getting the hang of it.

Your body feels alive!

Those ‘feel good’ endorphins are firing.

The music is on, women are chatting and laughing, and this feels more like a night out, than a work out.

Before you know it, the session is over. You’ve made it through and it was nothing like the horror story you built up in your head.

Maybe bootcamp could be your new ‘thing’ - something for you, your body, your mood, and your social life.

The next BFF (best fit friend) could be YOU.

Bootcamp. Not as scary as you think.

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