How I Lost 10kgs Without Dieting

I’m a tall Dutch woman but don’t hold that against me! Just because I’ve got height doesn’t mean I’m always going to be thin.

I used to think I was one of the lucky ones, that I could eat chocolate and chips and not stack on any weight.

I was wrong. Metabolism and motherhood caught up with me and I got wider hips, bigger thighs, a rounder butt and a muffin top. I was eating the same but my body wasn’t playing nice.

I didn’t obsess over it, but I wasn’t really happy with that middle age ‘spread’. I just accepted it as part of the ageing process.

Dieting didn’t occur to me. Putting my body through a gruelling weight loss program of meal replacement shakes and pills just seemed extreme, and unnatural.

What I realised after I lost the weight is that I did have control, that I didn’t need to diet my way to a leaner figure.

I shed kilos without tracking calories, wiping out food groups, fasting or exercising until I vomited, and in the process I also shed some myths about weight loss.

1. I made fitness a priority.

Doing my first triathlon, and having to walk in the run leg, made me realise I lacked endurance and needed to lift my game.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t out to become Wantirna’s next Iron Woman. I entered because I wanted to give it a go and it gave me a focus and areas to improve on.

You don’t need to do triathlons to lose weight but if you focus on getting fitter and stronger - whatever form that takes - you’re likely to lose weight without even realising it.

2. I made simple food swaps.

Without changing my lifestyle or how I cooked, I made small progressive changes with my food.

It is important to note that I didn’t do it for weight loss, I wanted to be healthier.

Simple food swaps I made was white rice to basmati, white potato to sweet potato, apple juice to water, margarine to butter, homemade banana bread or a handful of nuts instead of a muffin for morning tea.

These simple changes made a big difference, without me feeling deprived or adding to my workload as a mum of 2 young kids and working 20 hours a week.

3. I did bootcamp.

This is why I now run bootcamps, because I know it works and women love it. I wasn’t sticking to anything when it came to exercise but I stuck with bootcamp.

Why? Because I loved it. It made me feel energised and part of a ‘club’, and I never missed a session. Walking and the gym were okay, but bootcamp made me feel alive.

I was greeted when I got there, I made friends, I was pushed through the workouts and I was seeing my fitness improve which was really rewarding. I felt supported on my journey and my body shape began to change.


Focusing on the fitness and health helped me lose 10kgs and I’m feeling great. Now at 40 I’m the fittest I’ve ever been.

My passion is to help women realise that diets and a focus on weight loss is not going to help them lose weight.

Divert your focus to being fitter, stronger and healthier and you will see far better results. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen (cue the TV commercial hair flick).

Isabella runs women’s Bootcamp & Pilates sessions in Wantirna and Ringwood, helping women get fitter, stronger and leaner.

The program is never boring and a great mix of Boxing, Tabata, Circuit, Pilates and more. That diversity keeps your body guessing, and your brain firing.

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