5 Ways to Get Your Butt Into Gear!

Looking to start exercising but struggling to make that start?

Here are 5 proven ways to help you wear ‘activewear’ to exercise your body and not your credit card.

1. Stop telling yourself you can’t do it!

The words ‘I can’t’ will stop you from even trying and give you every excuse not to go for that run or do a workout.

Don’t limit yourself. Make it happen by saying ‘I can’ and giving it a go. You will be pleasantly surprised that you CAN actually do it!

For years I dreamed about riding 100kms in the Ride around the Bay. It wasn’t until I told myself that I can do it, that I even gave it a shot.

I took myself seriously. I started training. Crossing that finish line was an amazing feeling. You can achieve things, but you have to believe in yourself first.

2. Do an activity you enjoy.

For me, spending 2 hours on the treadmill is about as exciting as watching the cricket.

I thrive in a social environment and I like activity that’s varied. For me, bootcamp just worked, it was fun and never boring and now I’m as fit and healthy as I’ve ever been.

Exercising doesn’t have to be hard. Pick something that you enjoy and fits with your lifestyle and abilities.

3. Small steps, new direction

Attempting to run 5kms straight from the get go when you haven’t run a day in your life is setting you up for failure.

Take it one step at a time, break the goal into smaller steps making you feel like you are achieving something, even if it’s slowly.

Start with running 15 minutes 3 times a week or commit to 2 workouts a week to get into a new habit. Once you’ve gained more fitness and your body has adjusted, add more sessions or run for longer.

Gradually increasing your fitness also prevents injury and fatigue so don’t be in a hurry for change. And always listen to your body.

4. Beat your own excuses

Excuses, they get in the way of our progress. Think up ways of getting around them.

If it’s raining when you planned your walk, do a workout at home or have a dance session with the kids. If you can’t get up in the morning, have a friend meet you for that walk so you stay committed.

One of my clients thought she couldn’t do my bootcamp sessions because she had kids. I told her to bring them and she’s now coming to sessions with the kids. It doesn’t stop her from exercise.

There’s always a fix if you really want something.

5. Workout with friends

This is the best way to get your butt into gear. Spending time with other women is what we women love doing!

I often see groups of women walking together, chatting away as they walk. It’s great to see women who join my bootcamp making new friends who motivate and encourage each other, and sometimes, stir each other up for a bit of healthy competition.

Choose a friend who won’t buy into your excuses and expects you to turn up when you’ve made a fitness commitment.

The best friends want to catch up and see each other succeed, to make exercise a healthy and enjoyable part of everyday life.

So now you can put that gorgeous activewear to good use. Slip on some lycra and let’s see what you’re made of.

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