Sisters are doing it for themselves

Sisters Amanda and Katy arrived at the last bootcamp session for 2015 dressed in matching Hello Kitty Christmas pyjamas and reindeer antlers.

They’re totally in sync these two – training and laughing together, cheering each other on, and making wisecracks.

It’s an incredible bond they share, and they’ve been able to nurture it by joining I Want Fitness.

The cheeky twosome used to play basketball together, but with one sister living in Rowville and one in Kilsyth, they were now on different teams.

“We wanted to meet up and do something because we value that connection. We can both run, but strength is different, and we wanted to develop that.”

Both sisters had recently lost weight – between 7 and 16 kilograms and knew how important it was to stay fit to keep their healthy new bodies.

They initially purchased FitBit fitness trackers and started walking, getting competitive in the daily ‘step wars’. Both admit they’ve kept walking late into the night to win a challenge.

“We are competitive. We’ve always been in sporting teams together. So, if Amanda is 1000 steps ahead of me, I will do a quick walk around the block.”. “Dave has caught me jogging next to the bed, trying to beat her,” says Amanda.

They started bootcamp in January when Amanda took up the $21 January special for three weeks, which she saw on Facebook. Katy says: “I told her, you go test the waters first and see if it’s any good.

I’m in Rowville and Amanda’s in Kilsyth and there would have to be 100 fitness places in between, but here is different.”

Initially Katy worried that her fitness level wouldn’t be high enough to do bootcamp. “But then we came and realized it’s just normal women like us.

Isabella is not going to yell at us. She pushes us a bit now, because we’ve told her to kick us a bit but it’s very individual.”

Amanda says: “We’ve tried the gym and you’re not kicked to go there. I was hardly going.

I was just bored and wasn’t going with anyone and the gym is full of those little fitness bunnies.” Both the sisters groan and screw up their faces at the thought of skinny minnies in tight tank tops.

Their personal trainer Isabella says it’s been wonderful to watch the sisters thrive this year, especially as Katy admits she generally hates exercise.

“We love the social connection and we have a gasbag, and you don’t have to really know people to have a chat,” says Katy.

Amanda says exercising with someone you know is the ultimate motivation. “It’s easier going with someone you know – whether it be your daughter, sister or friend.”

In between busy lives with work and family, these siblings know that for at least twice a week, they get to catch up and ‘play’ as they call it – which for them is training together and spending quality time. It’s a precious thing, and they’re sticking with it.

To get started with I Want Fitness - join in January to get 21 days of unlimited bootcamp and Pilates for only $21. Click here for more details.

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