Fitness Australia #ActiveAchievers Nomination

One of my amazing clients has kindly nominated me for the Fitness Australia Active Achievers award. The #ActiveAchievers Award recognises the great work a qualified, Registered Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer has done to improve the health and activity of their client over the past 12 months. I feel humbled that I have been put up for this nomination.

Katie writes:

It’s been six months since I hobbled into the Emergency department of William Angliss, grimacing like a constipated meerkat – my lower back locked up in spasm after an old injury reared its ugly head (making a sandpit for your digging dog will do it).

Five years ago, when I started weight training at the gym, I pinged my facet joint. That, and four stomach surgeries led to ‘lumbar support instability’, where the bottom end of the spine can move out of range. The solution is a stronger core, which I’ve worked hard to develop with my PT, Isabella Van Zuylen. She runs I Want Fitness bootcamp for women and she is changing people's lives, including my own.

Every week, she helps push my body and my mind to its limits. I've come to love exercise like I love breathing: sweating through those last few reps of Tabata, willing my legs to keep going in those seemingly endless endurance laps between weights or boxing, getting home knackered and energized and satisfied – that magical feeling you have to be completely alive, and strong, and capable of anything.

For those few weeks of recovery when I couldn't do her bootcamp, I realised how much it meant to me. I missed Isabella yelling at me to stop talking, spying me across the room to see, if amid all my chatter, my bum was down and my core was locked.

I missed the ‘me’ time with no work or family distractions, the physical rush of going hard, of feeling the muscles you’ve worked ache the next day, of feeling your clothes shrinking and your fitness firing.

I was back at bootcamp within a few weeks, which my physio says is pretty rare. And I got there because I’m stubborn (Sicilan genes) and my PT is awesome.

Isabella not only came with me to Clinical Pilates, she worked with me one-on-one to get my transverse abdominus (TA) firing. She was so inspired by seeing the power of core strength training that she went on to study Pilates and has now added it to the program.

In more than a year I’ve lost 7kg, 35cm from my body measurements and pushed my fitness into overdrive. I have a resting heart rate of 60, I train three times a week at I Want Fitness bootcamp, I track my food and drink on MyFitnessPal and I’ve started running (which is no easy feat when you’re 5ft nothing with a DD chest). At 43, I reckon I’m looking the best I ever have in my life. And better still, I feel incredible.

I bring the willpower and the motivation. Isabella Van Zuylen brings the fitness A game – dynamic classes, healthy living advice, a commitment to help women become the best versions of themselves. We are bootcamp babes and she is our Wonder Woman.

Thank you Katie for the nomination.