Want a tighter tummy? No more back pain? Amazing posture?

The answer may lie in a seven letter word beginning with P.

Some of the most common complaints I hear from clients are that their jelly belly is reducing their confidence, their lower backs are aching, their necks and shoulders are sore from standing up all day, or being hunched over a computer.

I am so glad they’ve come to me for help, as I know how to help them. For much of my life, I too suffered from back pain, had weak abs and bad posture. Being 5 foot 11 meant that I would often slouch. If only I knew then what I know now, that strengthening certain muscles would improve my posture and stop my back pain (including a bulging disc).

The secret of Pilates isn’t really a secret. Madonna, Lady Gaga and even Hugh Jackman are raving about it and using it in their everyday lives and training. The main muscles targeted are those deep core stabilizing muscles of the body that are required for everyday movement and mobility. Without strength in these middle muscles, all sorts of ailments start to appear as we get older, making life unpleasant, and sometimes even unbearable due to pain and injury. We can complain all we like about a sore this or a sore that but unless we do something about it, things won’t get better. Your body needs service and tuning.

Pilates uses basic physiotherapy exercises, but strengthens the whole body. Matwork Pilates, which has just been introduced to the I Want Fitness Timetable, will be of great benefit to those just starting their fitness regime, and equally those who have been on the fitness path for sometime. As each exercise is set up, clients are reminded to activate the Transversus Abdominis and Pelvic Floor, or as known in Pilates – the T-Zone. It’s training that will carry you through everyday life. Activating those deep core muscles corrects your posture when walking and sitting, and helps you to lift, push and pull.

We don’t all want to strut around the stage like Madonna, but I think most of us like to stand tall with confidence, to have a body that will carry us around now and well into old age. I know I do!

(Also, Hugh Jackman with his shirt off doing Pilates on the beach. Your PT gives you permission to Google. For research purposes only.)

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