Am I being a BITCH?

Are you being a bitch – to yourself?

Too often I hear ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m hopeless’, ‘I’m not good at that’.

And it’s not coming from someone else, it’s my own internal dialogue. How am I ever going to feel great about who I am when I talk myself down all the time?

I wouldn’t talk that way to my best friend because it would be mean and hurtful, so why do I make myself feel crap all the time with this kind of talk.

I’m not going to feel empowered or elated or confident when I bully myself down to the point of depression and defeat – that grumpy exhausted feeling when all you want to do is hide from the world with a packet of chips.

How is self hate helping me? How is this affecting my choices, my relationships, my life?

Self-trash talking makes you feel negative which makes you behave in a destructive way. It makes you not care if you scoff a whole block of chocolate.

What if I started being nicer to myself?

Why keep all your best behaviour for the rest of the world? Start at home, with YOU.

Let’s flip the ‘put downs’ and turn them into ‘pick me ups’.

I am good enough.

I am learning.

I am a good mother.

I am beautiful.

I love my body.

Instead of saying ‘I can’t do push ups’, ‘I’m no good at this’, ‘I’m too fat too be seen exercising’, ‘I’m lazy’, ‘I’m not as fit as the others’, say:

I’m doing well.

I’m trying.

I’m giving this a go.

I’m making progress.

Positive words make us feel empowered, confident, and worthy.

When you’re kind to yourself, you will start to make healthier choices with your food, care for yourself with exercise and rest, and not self-sabotage with late nights and junk food.

Catch yourself out when you trash talk. It’s a game you can’t win. Stop being a bitch. Nobody should bring you down. Not even YOU.

Isabella xx

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