Why I miss my bootcamp!

It’s been six weeks since I hobbled into the Emergency department of William Angliss, grimacing like a constipated meerkat – my lower back locked up in spasm after an old injury reared its ugly head (making a sandpit for your digging dog will do it).

Five years ago, when I started weight training at the gym, I pinged my facet joint. That, and four stomach surgeries, has led to ‘lumbar support instability’, where the bottom end of the spine can move out of range.

The solution is a stronger core, which I’ve worked hard to develop with PT. An ultrasound revealed my top core muscles are ‘way above average’, like an athlete apparently (all that planking pays off ladies) but sometimes in a case like this, the deepest core muscle – the transversus abdominal – switches off, and the only way back is specialist core excercises to build up the TA so that it can keep the back stable.

Which means no running, no high intensity interval training, no bootcamp – no damn fun.

The road back to full fitness has been frustrating. I miss the challenge of the sessions, catching up with all the fellow ‘bootycampers’, having a laugh, a chat, a whinge.

I miss pushing my body to its limits, sweating through those last few reps of Tabata, willing my legs to keep going in those seemingly endless endurance laps between weights or boxing, getting home knackered and energized and satisfied – that magical feeling you have to be completely alive, and strong, and capable of anything.

I miss the stress relief of throwing punches, of hurling ropes, of feeling your legs turn to jelly when you’re in a wall sit, pushing against the clock to beat your personal best.

I miss Isabella yelling at me to stop talking and telling dirty jokes, spying me across the room to see, if amid all my chatter, my bum is down and my core is locked.

I miss the ‘me’ time with no work or family distractions, the physical rush of going hard, of feeling the muscles you’ve worked ache the next day, of feeling your clothes shrinking and your fitness firing.

Isabella is working with my Physio to help me get back on track with some 1 on 1 PT sessions focusing on the core.

So don’t worry chicks I’m making a speedy recovery. You can’t keep this much trouble down for long. Soon I’ll be joining you for the do or die warm up, the mountain climbers, lunges, tricep dips and burpees. Ah, burpees – you nasty full body attack on the deltoids, biceps, triceps, pectorals, obliques, abdominals and quadriceps. Come to think of it, I don’t miss you.

- 'Crazy' Katie.

Katie has been strengthening her transversus abdominal muscles through a series of core exercises using her bodyweight and various equipment including the fitness ball and suspension straps. Regular exercises for the lower abdominal have proven to decrease back pain and improve posture. i want fitness's bootcamp and personal training has a strong focus on core strength, balance and flexibility in each session to give clients better posture and control in day to day activities.

See Katie in action in the slow motion video below performing the reverse crunch on the suspension trainer in great form.

Everyone can benefit from core strenghening and training, contact Isabella on 0433 111 807 and book in your spot today.

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