Kick the cold to the kerb!

After sweating it out for months to get fitter, stronger and leaner, the cold weather and darkness of winter comes along and ruins everything, well, only if you let it! Just as well we train indoors!

Just get into your fitness gear without thinking and get going. Here are 5 reasons to keep exercising when it gets cold.

1. Get a head start on your Summer body.

It is quite common as Spring comes along to start thinking about the holiday you booked and now you only have 2 weeks to get comfortable in your bathers. If you work out during the colder months, you already have a head start and stops you from looking for that dangerous diet to meet that ‘body I want’ deadline.

2. Help manage the seasonal blues

Physical activity during the colder months helps relieve stress and anxiety and decreases the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder. You will feel better about yourself and be in a better mood despite the weather.

3. Avoid weight gain

As we all know, exercise burns fat and speeds up your metabolism. Keep those kilos off by committing to stick to your regular exercise program and you’ll come out the other side of winter glad that you kept going.

4. You will have more energy

Feeling tired and sluggish can be frustrating and can also contribute to poor food choices and habits. You will feel more energised when you exercise, putting a smile on your face and keeping you in a good mood.

5. It’s a good reason to stay sociable

Contact with others exercising with you will also put you in a good mood, help reduce stress and is a great motivator to keep going. The support and encouragement you get from meeting up with your fitness buddy or joining an indoor bootcamp is a great way to keep your fitness up.

Use these 5 reasons as your motivation to keep going as it gets cold or make your own reasons to exercise regularly. Make your reasons meaningful to you so it becomes your motivation to keep going regardless of the season.

Fitness and health is a lifestyle choice. Short term transformations and diets to get to your goal can be dangerous and unhealthy and don’t set you up for lifestyle healthy changes.

Join I Want Fitness today for your indoor bootcamp and Pilates training during the colder months. Maintain your fitness, stay strong and keep shaping your body for that warmer weather.

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