You Are Enough

Young Gold Coast woman Evita Sarmonikas went to Mexico to get buttock implants. The healthy 29 year old suffered a cardiac arrest after the cosmetic surgery and it’s costing her family $20,000 to have her body brought back to Australia.

That tragedy is a terrible symbol of our vanity culture – advertising and media selling us perfection at every turn, playing on our insecurities that we are not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not perfect enough to be loved.

‘My thunder thighs look huge in this.’

‘Oh, I look awful today without make up.’

‘I wish I had bigger boobs. Mine are too small.’

‘That dress makes your bum look huge.’

‘I need shapewear to hide my jelly belly.’

'Uh, look at her hair/butt/dress/insert put down here'

Evita’s family is sending the message to all women about the importance of loving and respecting ourselves whatever our size and shape. On Facebook, they posted this heartbreaking call to action:

"Tomorrow morning when you look in the mirror say to your self 'I am enough, I am worthy, I am perfect just the way I am'.

"Don't listen to a world that is hungry to fill your insecurities with poison. Stop feeding an industry that hates humans, especially women in the natural state and their perfect birth bodies."

Women need to start getting comfortable in their skin. We need to love our body for its strength and its power, the miracle of its ability to grow and birth a child. We need to start connecting with the beauty of our spirit, which radiates way down deep beneath all the layers of fabric and flesh. We need to do it for ourselves, for each other, and for our children. Especially our daughters, who might otherwise grow up prepared to put their life on the line for an impossible standard.

Aim to be happy and healthy, not constantly striving for perfection and being miserable for the rest of your life.

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