Does the word 'Bootcamp' scare you?

Fitness Bootcamps are nothing to fear, with participants undertaking in body weight, strength and interval training to gain strength and endurance and improve their health.

You may find the trainer encouraging you to push through the pain but it is nothing like what you see in those army movies.

There is no punishing you to the point of vomiting or sledging you to make you work harder.

It's quite the opposite actually, you are encouraged and exercises are modified to suit your fitness level, as long as you keep moving.

The first step of coming to bootcamp is usually the hardest, after that you realise it's what you needed all along to get yourself back into fitness.

It amazes me how far my clients have come in such a short time, I hear of no more back pain, stronger core strength, better sleep, looser clothing just to name a few.