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You will not get bored as each session is different so your body is constantly challenged and you will get a total body workout. All sessions include flexibility, mobility, core stability, balance and strength. 




Women love Boxing! Boxing for fitness works on your Cardio Fitness, Muscular endurance and strength, Stamina, Co-ordination and Power. It is also an effective release of negative emotions, turning them into motivation for increased health and well-being!




Circuit training uses weights to build strength and tone the body. We use our body weight, dumbells, medicine Balls, resistance bands, sand Bags, steps, barbells and more to keep things interesting and keep the body guessing.


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)


High Intensity Interval Training is great to shred those kilos! These workouts involve bursts of intense exercise with a short rests inbetween. Increase your metabolism with this fantastic challenging workout!


Tyres and Ropes


Every now and then we change it up a bit and bring in some tyres and ropes to add weight to our functional training. You will puff and sweat but it will all be worth it with gained strength and endurance!




This one is a favourite session amongst the bootcampers. Teams work together to complete high repetitions of body weight exercises. Chipper builds support and pushes you to work hard. It encourages muscle and strength development, toning the body.




Work and strenghten your deep core muscles through matwork Pilates. You walk away feeling like you've had a workout and feel revitalised and refreshed. Pilates is known to flatten the tummy, to help with back pain and make you stand taller with better posture. 



A high intensity body weight workout designed to burn calories long after your training session is complete! Metafit is a style of HIIT. Work at maximum capacity for a short amount of time for massive results. You can be sure to push your limits in this highly energising workout!


POUND is a popular session where you will ROCK a full body workout with drumsticks! Unleash the ROCK CHICK within, exercising to popular tunes working arms, legs and core. This is a great sweat session and if a lot of fun.

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At I Want Fitness, we choose to align with Body Beyond Baby and their mission to ensure every woman is safely and effectively looked after within the Fitness Industry once they become a mother.

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