24th Feb

Feeling fabulous inside and out!
Helping women feel more energy, more confident and
Don't put yourself last any longer, your time to shine is NOW.
This 6 week program is designed to reprogram your mind and body so you can say goodbye to diets and that inner mean girl FOREVER!
What you get: 
Who is this for?
Are you a busy mum who :
always puts yourself last all the time?
is sick of going on diets and it doesn't seem to work?
is intimidated by the gym and mirrors?
needs support, guidance and accountability to exercise?
If any of the above resonates with you, then our ROCK THAT DRESS program is for you.
What you will gain:
More confidence in being comfortable in your own skin
Increased energy and feeling like you are capable of taking on the world
Knowing how to incorporate healthy eating habits into your life
Improved mental and physical health
Improved sleep and reduced stress
Starts Monday 24th February

"My mindset shifted and my thoughts changed to being the best version of myself that I can be! For the first time, I'm starting to think about myself in a really positive way!"


"Isabella is so supportive and real! I am learning to like myself more and focus on all the areas that look good"

"I can't wait until the next one! Each time I participate I get a little bit better at the way I do things. These programs are immensely helpful."

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What we don't do :
Programs that promote rigid and inflexible eating and exercise routines. Push you so hard you become injured or sick. Make you feel bad for getting off track. Focus on aesthetic results and not on lifestyle benefits or improvements. Push diet products on you like shakes or pills and have you believe that you need to buy them in order to succeed.
What we will do :
Empower you to create the lifestyle you want. Give you the tools, knowledge and resources you need to easily make long term changes to your life! Guide you to exercise safely and help you reach new levels of fitness by keeping you accountable. Inspire you with tasty healthy recipes and show you how to create your own simple meal plans that fit in with your family's likes and dislikes. Be there for you every step of the way with 24/7 access to the online portal and Head Trainer Isabella.
Why I Want Fitness?

What you get!

  • Unlimited Bootcamp for 6 weeks

  • Dedicated RTD Bootcamp Session

  • Variety of full body workouts

  • Guidance from Experiences Trainers

  • Sessions that support all fitness levels

  • Workouts that you can do at home

  • Habit changing mindset video

  • How to set achievable goals video and worksheet

  • Daily inspirational emails to stay on track

  • IWF Affirmations to shift negative thought patterns

  • Ongoing support and progress calls with Head Trainer Isabella

  • Dietitian Nutrition basics videos

  • Access to multiple Nutrition videos about gluten free, dairy, fats, sugars, FODMAP and more

  • Portion sizes and label reading guides

  • Dietitian Recipes and Sample meal plan

  • Online portal with everything you need to access whenever you like

  • Private support Facebook Group

  • Meal planning guide, tips and shortcuts

  • I Want Fitness training top and drink bottle

  • Rock THAT Dress Stationery to track your progress

* Registrations close midnight Saturday 22nd February 2020