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Term 3 2021 Timetable (1).jpg

Session Descriptions

BOOTCAMP - A mixture of strength and cardio including circuit, boxing, tabata and tyres & rope workouts. No session is the same so you won't get bored!

METAFIT - High intensity interval training, raised the heart rate, bodyweight plyometric exercises, awesome way to get your sweat on.

POUND - Grab your drumsticks (or wooden spoons!) and enjoy this high energy class! You will feel all your muscles have had a workout after this class.

PILATES - Great for core and glutes. Mostly a mat based workout and we add balls, circles, bands and sliders to challenge the body in different ways. Highly recommended

GENTLE YOGA - Stretch and unwind with Mandy who offers an entry level yoga session that is kind to your body and resets the mind.

STRETCH & MOBILITY - Release tight muscles, increase joint mobility and work through a series of exercises that will compliment your bootcamp and metafit workouts.