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July 9, 2017

Rina had just signed up at the gym but couldn’t get close friends to go with her as they were already members at I Want Fitness. So she decided to give bootcamp a go. She did well, smashing the boxing session with great focus and determination as I gave her tips on imp...

March 10, 2016

In this year's Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends, wearable technology is the number one trend.


Look around you. How many wearables are taking up wrist space? FitBit, Jawbone, Garmin, Misfit, Apple Watch. New sizes. New colours. New functions.


The smart armbands aren’t...

February 3, 2016

Looking to start exercising but struggling to make that start?


Here are 5 proven ways to help you wear ‘activewear’ to exercise your body and not your credit card.


1. Stop telling yourself you can’t do it!


The words ‘I can’t’ will stop you from even trying and give y...