Take back control of your health & fitness without crazy diets or rigid workout regimes.


Start feeling fit, fierce and fabulous without having to sign up to a boring gym or do workouts on your own.


Join our community of like-minded, fun and supportive women just like you. It's time for you to shine! 

Hi, I'm Isabella and I'm here to help you kick-arse with your health and fitness as a busy woman!


I know the many struggles women our age are facing, juggling work, kids and running a household. Somewhere in that time we've lost ourselves, what the hell happened?


That was me 7 years ago, I was wasting my money on the gym that I wasn't using. Then I discovered a women's bootcamp and things really changed for me. 

I started being consistent with my exercise, learnt about nutrition and met like-minded mums who all supported and encouraged each other. By my 40th Birthday I was the fittest I had ever been in my life!

So what are you waiting for? 

Let's get you feeling fit, fierce and fabulous too! 


what our members say about us

Marie says "I love that I have somewhere to workout without feeling judged"

Clare says "There's variety at every session and I always feel welcomed by the trainers and other members"

Michelle says "It's like no other gym I've ever attended! IWF keeps me motivated and are very accommodating to all fitness levels"


how our classes will help you

I Want Fitness sessions are designed with the busy woman in mind. Sessions are 45 minutes long and we offer a variety of classes as every woman has different needs and desires.

Unlike any other bootcamp, we specialise in women's health and wellbeing, in particular mums who are struggling to feel like themselves again after having kids.

There is a strong focus on core strength, increasing your energy, and improving your fitness and strength, all while having fun doing it.

Our team of trainers are also mums who face the same challenges as you. We work with you to ensure you are doing exercises correctly and safely, and give you that push to take you to your new fit, fierce and fabulous self!


what would you like to achieve?

Just so you know...we are not a weight loss business

It's important that I tell you that we are not a weight loss business. Focusing on weight loss adds extra pressure and stress to the woman who is already overworked and exhausted.

Our focus is improving your overall health and fitness so you can live your everyday life doing the things you love, be stronger and fitter as you age and start being happy now!


Our sessions are not about 'burning calories', 'getting a bikini body' or 'shredding down'. Our philosophy is to encourage and guide you and have fun, not to punish or shame you. 


Our programs have always been transformational for our members. We give you knowledge on nutrition so you won't ever need to diet again and you get the tools and guidance to form new habits that support you for life!


If you like what you see, come and join us!


Currently due to COVID-19, we are running virtual classes which means that you can join us from where ever you live!

Our face to face sessions are run from our outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne in Wantirna and Ringwood.


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Can kids come to the sessions?


Children can come to most sessions provided they can sit on the side lines and keep themselves occupied. For their safety, they are not to touch equipment or run around in the workout space. The parent is responsible for their child while at the session. It is preferred that children do not attend Pilates, Stretch and Yoga sessions as these are to provide a space for members to relax and focus on themselves without interruption.

How much are the sessions?

We have a few different membership options available depending on the number of sessions you attend and what you are hoping to achieve by coming to I Want Fitness. It is best to get in touch with us so we can work out the best option for you.

Do I need to bring equipment?

During your trial you are not required to bring equipment. We will provide you with everything you need. Ongoing you may need to purchase certain items depending on the sessions you are attending and the current climate with COVID-19.


Frequently Asked Questions


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Beginner Bootcamp

BOOTCAMP - A mixture of strength and cardio including circuit, boxing, tabata and tyres & rope workouts. No session is the same so you won't get bored!

METAFIT - High intensity interval training, raised the heart rate, bodyweight plyometric exercises, awesome way to get your sweat on.

PILATES - Great for core and glutes. Mostly a mat based workout and we add balls, circles, bands and sliders to challenge the body in different ways. Highly recommended

GENTLE YOGA - Stretch and unwind with Mandy who offers an entry level yoga session that is kind to your body and resets the mind.

STRETCH & MOBILITY - Release tight muscles, increase joint mobility and work through a series of exercises that will compliment your bootcamp and metafit workouts.


Session Descriptions



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Phone: 0433 111 807 Email: isabella@iwantfitness.com.au


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