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5 Stars on Google!


"I'm the strongest and fittest I've ever been. The trainers are encouraging and everyone is amazingly supportive" - Anna


"I want fitness is the best place I’ve been for fitness, there is no judgement or feeling intimidated by others" - Louisa

"Through the challenge of covid lockdown IWF have remained supportive, giving great workouts you can do at home through their virtual classes" - Sarah

Don't bother with the gym ever again!


Train with a qualified Mumsafe  Trainer


It's important that mum's, with kids of any age, rebuild from the inside out. Our classes have a strong focus on training women like women, retraining pelvic floor and core and providing a safe and supportive environment to workout in. We take an holistic approach, where all aspects of health are taking into account to improve the overall wellbeing of each person.


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Virtual Live Classes


Join our virtual Stretch & Mobility, Pilates and Gentle Yoga classes from the comfort of your own home



Group Fitness Classes


For some, fitness is better in a group! Child friendly classes, lots of variety, suits all fitness levels and abilities


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Nutrition Support


Workshops and consultations with our Dietitian. Improved habits, tips and resources, guidance and recipes


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Workshops, Programs & Events


Fun, social, educational and supportive



 Meet the I Want Fitness Team 



Meet the I Want Fitness Team


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Pre and Postnatal

Personal Trainer


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Stretch and Mobility





Gentle Yoga Instructor


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Nutrition Support



Isabella is a mum of 2 and founder of I Want Fitness.


"I am passionate about providing a safe space for mothers to exercise that is non-judgemental, supportive and encouraging.


Here at I Want Fitness, we pride ourselves on being body positive with a strong focus on the overall well-being for our mums"


Introducing Isabella Van Zuylen

Mum's Fitness Specialist and Owner

Qualified Women's Health Coach and Pilates Instructor


Isabella Van Zuylen - Women's Personal T

"I love the I Want Fitness sessions!" - Ange


"I Want Fitness has given me my confidence back!" - Lisa


"I Want Fitness is a perfect fit for me!" - Linda


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Group Fitness Classes


Increase your strength and fitness with our evening and Saturday morning women's only bootcamp sessions that run at times that work for the busy mum. A full body workout, different everytime so you won't get bored. Like our MumFIT sessions, we focus a lot on core strength and getting the best out of every exercise by correcting technique and encouraging you to work at your best! Suitable for any fitness level.


Women's Only Bootcamp


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"I have finally found somewhere enjoyable to exercise that is also supportive, non-judgemental and very friendly no matter your fitness level" - Karen


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"Since joining I Want Fitness, I'm the strongest and fittest I've ever been. The trainers are encouraging and everyone is amazingly supportive" - Anna


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"This is exactly what I'd been looking for - a personalised, supportive program with sessions which build strength and fitness" - Alison


MumFIT Group Fitness


We offer child friendly group fitness classes that you can bring your little ones to so you can get your workout in. With a strong focus on building core strength and working with our post natal trainers, you can safely work on your fitness while your kids sit on the sidelines. Make new mum friends who all support and encourage each other!


"MumFIT is great, I take my son with me and we both enjoy it. I get to exercise, which I wouldn't fit in otherwise, and he enjoys being part of the experience" - Abbey


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"MumFIT is supportive and non competitive, and child friendly! Fun way to get fit and strong. Challenging enough but adaptable to suit injuries" - Rebecca


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"I love that the sessions are varied which helps to maintain interest and motivation. A great community to be part of whilst working on my fitness" - Sarah


Virtual LIVE Classes


Virtual Pilates

Online Pilates, Stretch & Yoga Classes


Our online classes provide some much needed restorative 'me time' to a busy mum's life. By joining these classes, you will find your everyday movement and overall well-being improves without having to leave your home! Classes are available at times that work for mums, later in the evening once the kids have been fed and gone to bed. Great if you have trouble sleeping or need to wind down after a busy stressful day.


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"Pilates has been so good in building my core strength as well as work certain muscles in a low impact way. I feel refreshed and energised afterwards! I love it!" - Bree


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"Stretch class is just what I need to loosen up tight muscles. I love that Keely can adapt the class to whatever we need to work on at the time" - Leah


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"Yoga calms my mind and my body and washes life's stresses away. I'm not very elegant and not as flexible but I do it for me and my self-care, I need it" - Kylie


Nutrition Support


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Nutrition Support from a qualified Dietitian


We know how confusing nutrition can be and everyone's situation is unique. We've teamed up with Non-Diet Dietitian Alysha Stevens from Nourishing Performance to help our members improve daily habits, become more nutritionally aware and give us evidence based advice. We offer regular workshops and programs to work through common issues and private consultations to provide a more personalised approach. 


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I Want Fitness Social Events


Sat morning coffees
Longest standing members

Coffee Catch ups


Fitness Awards


What else can we help you with?



Support and Accountability

Friendly Community of mums

Flexible membership options

Knowledgable Trainers

Goal Setting and motivation

Online Membership Portal


Nutrition Coaching

Positive Mindset shifts

Habit changing programs

Educational Workshops

Fun Social Events

And so much more!..


A Safe Return to exercise

Pelvic Floor Strength

Improve Posture

Increased Energy

Better Sleep

Time for you



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We work with a team of professionals...


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Emma Hindhaugh

Women's Health Physiotherpist

Back in Motion Bayswater


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Lu-Lu Thompson

Diet Recovery Coach

Mind Body Mojo


I Want Fitness is part of

a team of Mumsafe

Trainers around

Australia and New

Zealand, who are

committed to ensure

all women are looked after safely and effectively after having a baby



Alysha Stevens

Accredited Dietitian

Nourishing Performance



FREE Health & Fitness Stationery to stay accountable


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30 Day Habit Tracker

Health & Fitness Daily Checklist

Goal Setting Worksheet

Weekly Meal Planner & Shopping List

Weekly Food Tracker

Favourite Meals List



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